CRIME TV/VOD

The first multi-platform series featuring TV and VOD with click-to-buy for VR/AR headsets pits cunning criminals against fans using our 360VR Crimesphere for virtual 21st Century crimebusting.  

score your
dream home

After a 3-year proof-of-concept test, the Score Your Dream Home  program provides both investors and homebuyers with damaged credit scores a win-win financial solution.


Based on extensive test marketing, a new generation of eBook called the Virtual Book or vBook  enhances  the text with art, audio, video, real and fictional websites, and VR/AR interaction.


We will test a Global Gentry site for foreign citizens who regard U.S. property as the gold standard in safe harbors to invest as little as $5000 in single family homes occupied by rent-to-own buyers.

 Our strategists, winners of past media revolutions, only create content for the proven 

niche categories that produce profits during a long adoption curve and survive global crises

such as the Corona Pandemic..


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